Enjoy Japan while Saving Money! Three Tips for Every Traveller

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  • The Land of the Rising Sun has a well-known reputation for being an expensive country to travel in. There are times when people give up on going to the country out of fear of incurring a huge cost or even debt for travelling. Little do they know that there are actually several budgeting tips for them to cut the cost. Here are some of them.

    Japan Rail Pass or JR Pass

    Train is the most popular form of transportation in Japan. You will be using it very often during your stay, when you go from one place to the next. In order to save money, it is better if you purchase “JR Pass.” It is said to be the most economical mean of travelling. There are some eligibility requirements that you must meet before they give you the pass. To know more, you can visit their site

    Capsule Hotel or Guesthouse

    The most reasonable way to lodge are either the capsule hotels or the guesthouses. These are the best options of cheap accommodations. In capsule hotels, prices may start at 25 dollars per night. That is, if you stay a little shorter. If you want to stay longer, prices can rise to 65 dollars per night. It really depends on how long your stay is.

    Another perfect options for a cheap stay, yet having the chance to meet foreign travelers and make new friends, are the guesthouses, that is, if privacy is not an issue to you. Prices may vary depending on the location. Most guesthouses have furniture and things ready for use. There’s no need to buy your own stuff.

    Standing Dining

    Japan has a type of restaurant wherein you eat standing. They call it “tachigui” in Japanese. This may not be the most convenient way but it can save you tons of money. You can find this almost everywhere! You can find really cheap dishes in them, for about 300 yen!

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