White Hat Hackers to Fight Cyberattacks in Japan

  • There is an uptrend of cyber attacks happening in Japan recently. Cyber threats against Japan’s infrastructures and services have been noticed. An example of these is the Japanese Petroleum Association wherein many of their PCs were infected by an unknown virus. With the upcoming 2020 Olympics, the country has to find a way to counteract these threats.

    Thus, the government is considering to hire white hat hackers to establish a more cyber-secured country. Remember, not all hackers are bad. They are classified according to their purposes. White hackers are known as “ethical hackers.” From the word “ethics,” they follow according to moral principles. Many of them are privately hired by companies as security specialists who find loopholes in the security system and tries to strengthen them.

    White Hat Hackers

    Since what they do is ethical, white hackers’ job is considered legal. If the Japanese government will hire them, many of the cyber attacks will be prevented such as the 25 billion online attacks last year. The base of operations for the cybersecurity force is the National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity which has started January of this year. It is said that most of these attacks came from China, Russia, South Korea, and the USA. It will be the job of the white hat hackers to prevent these further occurrences.

    Hacker’s Competition

    A big competition for the best hackers occurred last February in Tokyo. This attracted a total of 4,186 participants around the world. They showed off their skills battling for that prestige position of the “best hackers.” Those who won this event will have to compete in another competition, slated this year. Yoshinori Takesako is the head of the committee. He stated the importance of this event to young hackers in his speech, “This is important in order to keep them away from being pulled into the underground world.”

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