Yama-no-Hi: The Most Recent Public Holiday in Japan

  • With several people overworking in Japan, the government has declared another national holiday come 2016. It will be called “Mountain Day” or “Yama-no-Hi” in Japanese. This will be celebrated annually every 11th of August and is considered to be the 16th annual holiday in the country. This celebration was created in order for people to have opportunities of sharing anything related to mountains. It will be the first official public holiday in August. Obon season also falls in August, but it is not really considered as a public holiday as many people are actually working on these days while others are just taking paid leave to have a break from work.

    Why Mountain Day?

    Japan normally name holidays randomly from arbitrary things such as dolls, oceans, and so on. Mountain has been regarded from the concept of the islands’ geography. As an archipelago, Japan has numbers of mountains ranging from one area to the other.

    Mountain Day Advantages

    Once enacted, many Japanese can take a break from work. This can enhance their life-work balance relationship. People can spend more time with their families. They can go hiking, camping or picnicking in the mountains. However, many Japanese still cannot understand that taking a paid leave is their right. Some don’t even understand the importance of this holiday.

    Mountain Day Disadvantages

    There are some disadvantages whenever public holidays occur. One of them is the traffic jam caused during the day. It has even gotten worse these days when Tokyo City became popularly known as the most satisfying city for tourists to visit last 2013. This can increase the prices of accommodations as well as flights. You have to expect congestion in the most popular tourist destinations.

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