Olympic Village Plan after 2020 in Japan

  • A few years later, everyone around the world will be watching the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. This is more popularly known as Tokyo 2020.

    This event has been planned to be held from July 24-August 9, 2015. A lot of developments and preparations have already been made wherein the country will be spending a large amount of money amounting to 400 billion yen to cover the cost. This includes building the Olympic Village for the athletes. Now, the question lies on “What will happen to the athletes’ village after the Olympics?” Japan has already a plan to turn the village into a testing ground for a hydrogen-powered society. Above, is the planned Olympic Village of the athletes.

    Hydrogen-Powered Society

    This is a very important step in order to attain a society that uses hydrogen as Japan has a limited number of resources. According to professor Takeo Kikkawa of Hitotsubashi University, this is also a good opportunity to check whether hydrogen is indeed a good source of energy.

    Concept of the Plan

    As you can see above, there are pipelines laying around the designated areas in Harumi district of Chou Ward, Tokyo. These will bring the hydrogen for distribution and charge the fuels for any events. To further help the event, hydrogen stations will be put up. After the Olympics, the village will be turned into a proper social community with a school and other facilities. This can also become a spot for another tourist location.

    Usage of the Plan

    If this plan materializes, it can become a legacy after the event. Not only will it be a tourist destination but a test bed for the development of sustainable energy. Thus, helping to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. Taking it as an experience from the past, some infrastructures before have fallen into disrepair. This time, Japan is taking the chance to improve the commercialization of hydrogen power.