Attack on Titan: A Japanese Dark Fantasy Action Film

  • Release

    Coming in Cinema this August, 2015 is the movie entitled, “Attack on Titan.” This is a film based on a manga series by Hajime Isayama, which has been directed by Shinji Higuchi.

    It is considered to be part of the dark fantasy action films in Japan. Dark fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy which produces a more frightening and darker side of the story. Fantastical works usually have a dark and gloomy atmosphere with a sense of horror or dread. This film is separated into two parts with the first release in August and the second in September of this year.

    How the Story Goes

    In a world where giants exist, high walls have been built to surround the cities for protection against titans. Titans are gigantic humanoids that eat people seemingly without any reasons. They can reach from 3-15 meters in height and are masculine in nature. However, they lack reproductive organs. The story foretold that a hundred years ago, titans suddenly appeared almost wiping out humanity. Thus, people tried to build walls for their protection. They restarted their life again by living normally without being bothered by these titans. Inside the walls, humanity was safe. Some people even grew up without knowing they existed. One day, a 60-meter tall titan mysteriously appeared and everything started to change. He destroyed the outer wall of the Shiganshina district. All the other titans followed him upon the destruction. These caused chaos into the land. It wiped out humanity in the outer district forcing them to move inwards. With an abundant population in one area, famine started to grow.

    Combatting the Titans

    There were some military who tried to combat the titans: Survey Cops, Garisson Regiment, and the Military Police Brigade. No matter how much strategies and technologies these soldiers have used against the titans, it was still very hard to combat them due to the open and flat terrain.