Paris Ogawaken: The Original Raisinwich in Japan

  • A popular Japanese sweet suitable for souvenirs and gifts from Tokyo is “Paris Ogawaken.” This stretches back from ancient times. It is considered to have a very long history dating back to 1905 in Shimbashi, Tokyo. Tetsugoro Ogawa, at the age of 28 started opening his restaurant in Tameiki. His skills were ripened by learning how to cook at a very young age in an English diplomat’s home in Yokohama.

    Ogawaken Before

    When the restaurant opened, the Ogawaken family stayed on the second floor of the house just above the shop. It was only in the mid-20th century when the son of the founder operated the business and started inventing the Original Raisin Wich. He then continued the recipe started by the former owner. They follow a principle unique to the company: “We cannot make high quality and delicious meals only by good skills. What is the most important thing is to choose high-quality ingredients, carefully.”


    The restaurant is committed to serving only the safest and highest quality ingredients. There are times they have to import their raisins from the Middle East or the United States, other than Japan, in search for the best. This goes the same way for wheat. Fruits are a primary ingredient in making the pastries. And so, they only serve certain pastries in particular seasons. They believe fruits are only delicious in their seasons. Lastly, they maintain keeping the food safe and fresh. They do it by checking the products by themselves. Products are a 100% fresh. What has been bought in the morning, will only be served during the same day, though with the exception of some cookies. This is to make sure that they’re serving fresh sweets to customers.

    Ogawaken Now

    Paris Ogawaken is now considered the most popular patisserie in Tokyo and many customers are loving their products for gifts and souvenirs. You can visit some shops at Shimbashi or Meguro. They haven’t expanded to other areas yet for a fact that they wanted to make sure they can check the distribution process by themselves.
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