Shiseido: Cutting Edge Cosmetics Since 1872

  • Throughout time, Shiseido has undergone a lot of innovations. How did it become one of the best cosmetic companies in the world, anyway? Let’s talk about it. Shiseido Company, Limited was founded in 1872. It is considered to be one of the oldest in the world. Probably you already know, it is the number one in Japan and the fourth around the world.

    The beginning

    The company started as a pharmacy. It was established by Arinobu Fukuhara. Fukuhara was the chief pharmacist of the Japanese Navy during those times. Later on, after his visit to the US, a soda fountain was added to the shop, which was then followed by a restaurant business.

    The Oldest Softening Lotion

    The first-ever softening lotion in the word was called Eudermine. It was developed by Shiseido as a response to the incidence of lead poisoning caused by makeup of the earlier times. Eudermine comes from the Greek word eu meaning “for good” while derma means “skin.”

    This was first sold in 1893. It then became a hit and has always been seen in the market up until now. It has a signature red bottle and red ribbon which used to be tied around it in the past. It is said to provide an ageless future to your skin by delivering immediate radiation and moisturizing your skin.

    Rainbow Face Powder

    In the old days when white facial powder was very common in Japan, Shiseido introduced these rainbow-colored ones too. The powders come in the following colors: white, flesh, yellow, rose, peony, green and purple. You can match your attire with the color of your face powder. These are presented in a box with very novel appearance and with its original colors, it earned the company a good name.

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