7 Places in Japan You Must Put on your Bucket List

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  • When you travel to Japan, do not forget to list your destinations. It will save you lots of time and tons of money. The fact that you are prepared will leave no room for mishaps. Venture out by learning the culture first. Here are some of the places you might want to try on your next visit.

    1. Mount Hakodate

    Mount Hakodate, also known as “Hakodateyama” in Japanese, is a 344-meter high mountain situated in the southern end of the peninsula. Consider the weather first before going to this place. You can either reach it by car or bus. The summit has a ropeway which departs from the Motomachi district. A round trip will cost you 1,280 yen while one way is 780 yen. Clear days and nights are the best! The night view is breathtaking. No wonder it is considered one of Japan’s best views.

    2. Hirosaki Castle

    Hirosaki Castle is a renowned place for its Spring season. This is a historical site blooming with beautiful nature and scenery. There are approximately 2,600 cherry blossom trees located in this area. People are celebrating an annual Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival where many tourists come to enjoy the blossoming sakura. This is held from April 23 to May 5 annually.

    3. Oga Shinzan Folklore and Namahage Museum

    Namahage is a year-round ritual in Oga of the Akita Prefecture in Japan. It involves a captivating show which is believed to chase away the bad luck and evil spirits with the loud actions and movements done by the Namahage. There are two things to consider before doing the ritual: nobody in the family is mourning due to the passing of a relative or experiencing a serious illness and nobody gave birth in the passing year. If any of these things happened, they will have to move to the another house. Permission must be asked from the head of the household by the Namahage before they can enter. In Oga Shinzan Folklore and Namahage Museum, you can partake in this kind of experience.

    Get out of your comfort zone and travel more often. There are more places to explore in Japan! Let’s try to unearth more travel destinations with historical background.

    4. Hitachi Seaside Park

    A park known for its baby blue-eyes flowers, is the Hitachi Seaside Park located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan. Various kinds of flowers bring out the colors of different seasons. Be mesmerized as you walk into a carpet of colorful flowers. The area is said to have a 190-hectare land covered with flowering plants carpeting the park like a painting. During summer, you’ll see a lot of nemophilia, roses and zinnia. Narcissuses, tulips and azaleas blossom in spring.


    If you’re after daffodils and their sweet scent, they are abundant during late March to Mid-April. This is the best time to stroll around the place.


    Colorful tulips surround the place during spring. There are over 220 varieties and 280,000 individual types!


    Under the bright blue sky, nemophilas are absolutely stunning! They are located in Miharashi hills, which famously paint the place light blue.


    However, Miharashi hills show off a different color during October. Kochias, also known as “summer cypress,” bloom during this season which causes a dramatic change in the hills, from green to crimson.

    Ice Tulips

    In the middle of December to the middle of January, the winter fair occurs. Fear not, there are still some flowers you can spot even in the frosty air such as the brilliant ice tulips.

    Restaurants and Eateries

    There are several places in the park offering very good food for you to munch. There is the Garden Restaurant, The Glasshouse, BBQ area, Lakeside Cafe, Soyokaze Kitchen, Mori no Fuwafuwa Crepe Shop, Kuma-san no Castella, and Kinen no Mori Rest House.

    If you want to enjoy the view of the ocean while eating, better head to the Glass House. They’re serving organic coffee, pasta and some snacks. Days and hours of operation vary with season.

    Let’s continue the journey. If you want to see Japan in its more industrialized state, why not head to these places recommended by some foreign tourists.

    5. Floating Garden Observatory (Umeda Sky Building)

    If you want a spectacular view from above, head over to the Floating Garden Observatory in Osaka City. The platform for observation is a bridge connecting two towers in the Umeda Sky Building. It is located on the 39th floor of the building, which is 173-meters off the ground. Admission fee for adults is 800 yen except for seniors (JPY700).

    You have to visit this place! This is considered to be part of the World’s Top 20 Buildings.

    6. Cup Noodles Museum

    Located in Yokohama’s Minato Mirai area is the Cup Noodles Museum. This is an interactive museum which is full of creative designs regarding the famous cup noodles.. Here, you can learn about the history of noodles and how the eating habit revolutionized all over the world. Since it is interactive, you can learn by seeing, touching, playing, eating and simply having fun.

    Get the chance to know the founder of Nissin Food Products, Momofuku Ando. He is a very hardworking man who never stopped learning new things to expand his business based on the concept of noodles. All throughout his 96 years, he always utilized creative thinking to produce chicken ramen, cup noodles to space ramen. Chicken ramen is considered to be the world’s first instant ramen. You’ll find more on this if you visit the museum.

    7. 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

    At the center of Kanazawa, you can find a circular-shaped building with a lot of community gathering spaces. This is known as the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. The name implies a modern exhibition area consisting of numerous galleries.

    The arts displayed here are mostly related with the Kanazawa era.

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