How do the Japanese Learn English?

  • English has played a major role in globalization. It has become a choice language for international communications all over the world. Thus, the need for learning it has been increasing in contemporary society. Most Japanese people cannot speak English and that is the reality. However, the English-speaking population in the country is gradually increasing. This is due to some changes made in their education system.

    School Education


    Do you know that the Japanese study English from as young as junior high school? Yes, they do. In fact, some have native English teachers. However, most of them have no command of the spoken language. They only learn English in their English subject. A Japanese friend once told me that Japanese teachers who teach English in school, use Japanese language for teaching it. This might be one of the contributing factors. Some noble families, on the other hand, can afford to send their children to international schools at a young age. However, the cost is extremely high.

    Ways of Learning English

    There are countless ways of learning English in Japan. If you’re serious about it for whatever purpose, you better hire a private English Tutor. This can be very costly but can provide you a better assistance in your English learning.

    Tutors come from various English-speaking countries all over the world. More often, you have the option of choosing the tutor you want. Teaching sessions are usually done once or twice a week. It can be costly for common Japanese citizens, as the lessons are around 5,000-10,000 yen per session.

    Online English Schools

    This is the latest and most common trend which the majority of the Japanese people opt for. It is easier and more convenient. You can save time and money. Most Online English Teachers come from Asian countries, though some are Americans, Canadians, British and so on. You can have the lesson one-on-one or in a group. Lessons can last for 25 minutes to an hour daily, depending on the school’s policy.

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