Anime and other Varieties of Voice Acting in Japan

  • In a place where animation is popular, Japan naturally has a greater prominence for voice acting. The country’s animation accounts for 60% of the total animated series in the world. Thus, voice acting has become an apparent job for many of the Japanese. Since the advent of radio, voice acting has also become popular.

    But for you to be considered in such a field, you must know how to voice over. It also entails providing voices for animated characters in different works such as animated short films, television programs, comedies, commercials, dramas and many more.

    Job types for Voice Acting

    voice actor for tv program working in post production studio, DJ in radio broadcasting, sound engineer on digital editing equipment

    Voice actors are not only hired for the characters they play in animations. Some are also considered for the position of supermarket announcers, bus route information broadcasters, ring announcers for professional wrestling and the like.

    Voice Over or Dubbing

    If you want to become a successful voice actor, you must study the lines beforehand. The script is usually finished even before the animation. This is a pre-recording style in Japan. What the artist does is to determine the appropriate expression basing it on the voice artist’s style of reading. This is the case for animation. However, dubbing foreign movies into Japanese requires a more exact timing. The voice of the original language is usually lowered to the point of hearing only a faint sound to no sound at all.

    On another note, many voice actors of video games rarely see each other in person. The reason behind this is the separate recording of the voice tracks.

    Radio Drama

    Radio drama has more freedom because its main focus is on the particular interpretation of the act of voice actors. Usually, in this kind of voice acting, no audition is required. It is the production staff who directly selects the cast.

    This is a great way to start another career. For those who really love singing, voice acting through song can give you the chance to have your own album and promote it by doing concerts. However, this will be done not under your own name but by the animated character’s name.

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