Put a Ring on It! All about Japanese Traditional Weddings

  • Putting a ring on it can have a lot of ups and downs. People around the world marry for a variety of reasons. Some people think marrying can make the relationship more official. Some would also say, it makes them work harder for the relationship to grow. Other would marry for money or for fun.

    However, marriage has a very long history in Japan. Long ago, Japanese marriage was characterized by a system of arranged marriage. It is said to be happening even until now for those with higher social status.

    Traditional Wedding Customs

    A traditional wedding ceremony in Japan refers to the Shinto ceremony. Shintoism is one of the native religions in the country, next to Buddhism. The wedding is held in a Shinto shrine. One perk of having a wedding in the shrine is the location. Shrines are usually located where cherry blossom trees are abundant. The ceremony needs a Shinto priest. As a symbol of unity, the couple will exchange ritual cups of sake. Ceremonies usually take 30 minutes or so. After that, everybody will go to another venue to have a meal together.

    The Costs of a Wedding in Japan

    It is very expensive to have a wedding in Japan, especially nowadays, where people tend to be more extravagant. If you’re planning to have a traditional type of wedding, you can have it in Kamigamo shrine or Okazaki shrine. Kamigamo Shrine’s wedding fee costs 120,000 yen while the latter costs 90,000 yen. Remember, photography is not inclusive of these fees. Apart from this, there’s also a ceremony plan which will cost you 200,000 yen. Added to that, you need to pay 320,000 yen for the bridal kimono package. Sounds very costly, indeed!