The easiest way to get to the heart of Tokyo from Narita and Haneda airports

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  • When you come to travel in Japan and step out of the airport, what do you feel like? Perhaps, you want to have a mind-blowing experience, try some delicious Japanese food, or have your breath taken away by the outstanding scenery. But there’s an obstacle ahead.

    The problem you might face

    And that is the fact that getting to the metropolitan areas like Shibuya or Shinjuku from an airport is relatively difficult.

    Of course, Japan has great well-maintained and efficiently-operated rail networks and bus routes. However, the truth is there are a few challenges those who visit Japan for the first time will face, for example, you can not use a credit card to purchase a train ticket, the number of lines can be overwhelming etc. On top of that, Narita, especially, is located at a great distance away from the city, and even the Japanese do not deny that navigating can be difficult.


    But there’s one means of transportation we’d like to suggest: use an airport taxi pickup service! Just make a reservation online, and the crew will meet you at the arrival gate, so there is no need to be concerned or worried about anything. Also, nobody wants to be lost with a heavy luggage in a city they don’t know, so this taxi will take you straight to your hotel or to another destination of your choice. In addition, there is an in-house interpreter, and you can ask the driver who knows Japan through and through about the recommended ramen and sushi restaurants.

    Because the usage fee is flat rate, it is possible to save 20-30% off the regular fare. Apart from airport pickup, optional tours around Ginza, Asakusa, Mt Fuji and other popular sightseeing spots are available as well. Of course, the online reservation can be made in English, so if you want to start your trip in Japan worry-free, make sure to check it out!

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