Japan’s Secret Weapon against Summer: the Anti-UV Umbrella

  • Summer in Japan, like everybody says, is most likely different than any other place in the world. It’s not just hot, it’s humid, it’s airless, it’s sticky, and.. it’s very hot! As some news broadcasts have reported, this summer some of the hottest days’ temperature are much higher compared to last year. The heat makes it really hard to get out, especially to commute from one place to another.

    Though sometimes it may feel unbearable, it is totally fine because the Japanese have a secret weapon to combat the heat: the anti-UV umbrella.

    Japan is extremely different from other countries when it comes to the umbrella. It can be seen everywhere that everybody: students, workers, and mothers have umbrellas. The same goes for the anti-UV umbrella, or the UV parasol. They can be seen all over the city in summertime: on the streets, in the parks, and throughout the neighborhoods. They come with beautiful styles and various colors, and this is one of the reasons why Japanese people just love to have even more than one UV parasol during summer. These anti-UV umbrellas are mostly used by women, but now men are said to be taking the advantage of this weapon too, since people in Japan are starting to realize how important it is to protect the skin from the sun due to health reasons.

    Tips on How to Buy the Right Umbrella for you

    If you are planning on buying an anti-UV umbrella, there are at least two things you might want to consider: colors and shapes. Some tips on picking out colors, based on my everyday view, is to go with a color that can match your everyday outfit. Most Japanese people choose black, navy, brown, white, and red, colors that pretty much cover the color palette for the warm season as well.

    Next, is to consider how and when you will be using your anti-UV umbrella. For your daily commute, you may want to have one that is foldable and can fit in your bag (especially for men). However, regarding the cute and stylish appearance, most women prefer the intact, non-folding umbrella. And for travel purposes, portability is the key. You might want to choose one that’s durable and light, and may have other features such as the automatic folding option.

    During the rainy season umbrellas could be easily bought at the convenience store for a very low price (starting from 500 yen, or around 5 USD), things are a little different with the anti-UV umbrella. The bestselling black anti-UV umbrella with simple designs come with the price ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 yen (25 to 80 USD). The anti-UV umbrella with varied colors and shapes can be found at Loft, Tokyu Hands, department stores, and other cute shops in the subways. Not only for your summer protection, they are also recommended to bring back home as souvenirs from Japan!

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