Sadako Yamamura: World’s Most Famous Antagonist

  • You might have heard of Sadako Yamamura from some movies such as “The Ring.” But have you come to ask why she’s continuously haunting others? Sadako is the main character of the Ring Trilogy novels. These were made by Koji Suzuki, a Japanese writer who is currently living in Tokyo. The novels have been adapted into manga series and films. You can identify Sadako’s appearance immediately in movies. She is wearing a long white dress and has long black hair. You cannot see her face. It is hidden behind her hair!


    Sadako means “chaste” and “child” in the Japanese context. The moment she was born, she had some special gifts: a variety of special psychic powers. She got it from her mother who also had the same powers. Her power was so strong that she could even burn a thing telekinetically. However, her gifts put her into a lot of unfortunate events. Many people feared her. They were afraid of what Sadako might do. Children didn’t want to play with her. And so, she grew up very lonely and angry.

    The unfortunate events lead people to push Sadako into the well. Even after dying, it was said that she could still communicate with people. She was bound by her desire for vengeance! One of the famous curses she made was the videotape. Any person who watches the tape will be killed. Sadako is seen climbing out of the TV screen and approaching the viewer. She will then claim her victim. How she does that is still unclear. Some say it is because of a virus that is transferred from one victim to the next. Upon examining the corpses, all victims seemed to be in shock, as if they’ve died out of fear.

    This is the most popular and influential Sadako Story. There are several film remakes out there you can find. It’s up on you which story to believe!

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