The Hello Kitty Project: Japan Sends Hello Kitty to Outer Space!

  • It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The most popular Sanrio character, Hello Kitty, has just been dispatched into outer space! This is an effort to demonstrate the country’s progressing economic and technological industry as headed by the current prime minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe.

    What is the Hello Kitty Project?

    The Hello Kitty project chose its cute ambassador Hello Kitty to be sent out into space. The figure is a 4-cm tall (1.6 inch) figurine aboard the Hodoyoshi-3 satellite. It has been placed near the window, to make it seem as if Hello Kitty is looking towards the earth.

    Above is the actual image. She has been coated in special paint to protect against the UV rays, cosmic rays and vacuum space.

    The satellite is said to be developed by Japanese researchers from the Tokyo Nano-Satellite Center as part of a $40-million program which has been funded by the Education and Science ministry. They collaborated with the Sanrio Company, Ltd. in an effort to get more private companies interested in working with satellites.

    Reason for Choosing Hello Kitty

    Why did they choose Hello Kitty as the passenger? The answer is simple. Hello Kitty has a lot of fans out there. This will get them to become more interested in space and it can also make a lot of people stimulate their scientific curiosity. The researchers chose to partner with Sanrio in the hope of motivating the Hello Kitty fans to join in on the success of their growing industry. The project has been successfully launched last June and our favorite Kitty is currently orbiting the earth.

    Hello Kitty Delivers Message to You

    When the ship reached space, the Sanrio company asked the fans to deliver 180-character messages to Hello Kitty. From there, the character will deliver it to family and friends on earth. On that same day, Sanrio received 100 messages! This event was also said to be a commemoration of the 40th Sanrio Anniversary. I hope Hello Kitty is enjoying her stay in space. It’ll be a long while before we get to see her again!

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