Bucket list: Top 5 things to do in Japan

  • There are many things to do in cool countries like Japan. However, as a tourist, you may not have enough time to figure out what is worth to try especially in a limited time. This is the list of ten unique things to experience in Japan.

    1. Eat ramen/udon/soba

    They are many types of noodles in Japan. If you are a fan of Naruto, you will know what is his favourite food: Ramen. Noodles are common in Asia, especially in Japan. In addition, there is udon and soba. Different types of noodles have different textures and different ways of cooking. For example, Soba noodles look totally different from the other two types. The noodles are very thin and it is made from buckwheat flour. In Japan, when you are in a ramen/udon/soba restaurant, don’t be surprised with the noises people make while eating. Slurping the noodles is considered as polite manner. It means that the noodles are good and you are giving the chef a compliment.

    2. Onsen- Hot springs

    Since Japan has many inactive volcanoes, there are many hot springs along the country. One of the well-known hot spring prefectures is Oita. They call it Onsen-ken (hot springs prefecture). It is a special cultural Japanese experience. Japanese people go to Onsen to enjoy and relax. It helps get good sleep and increase health condition. Usually, people will wash their body before getting into the hot tubs. Be ready to be naked in front of many people. It might feel weird at first but you will get used to it and feel so good afterwards.

    3. Watching the movement in Shibuya crossing

    In Shibuya, which is a crowded area in Tokyo, there is a famous intersection right next to the Shibuya station. It is assumed to be the world biggest intersection, known as “The scramble”. The reason why it is named like this is that when the sign turns green, thousands of people start walking from all the directions and make a messy crowd.

    4. All the cool KitKat flavours

    If there are only 2 or 3 flavours of Kit Kat in your country, there are countless flavours in Japan. Some of them are a little strange such as Cherry Blossom, Wasabi, Soybean, Soy sauce, Sweet Tofu, Pumpkin, Baked Potato, Red beans, etc. It is quite hard to find all of these in one supermarket or convenient store. But if you see any try and collect them all.

    5. Try to wear kimono/yukata

    If you visit Japan on winter or spring, try a Kimono or a yukata. In summer and fall, Yukata is common. Because Kimono has so many layers to put on, it will be extremely hot to wear during summer. A Kimono is very expensive and it takes a lot of time and effort to wear. Japanese people usually dress-up with Kimono on special occasions and formal ceremonies. However, wearing a Yukata is simpler. In summer, people like to wear Yukata when joining festivals. Also, in almost all hotels in Japan, they offer a Yukata for customers during their stay.
    I hope this article will help you prepare for your trip to Japan.

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