Shirakawago, Gifu: A Quaint Village for Relaxation

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  • Located in Gifu prefecture of Japan is a quaint village known as Shirakawa-go. This is a place hidden away in the mountains, full of luxurious trees and blossoming flowers in spring. It is dominated by gasho-zukuri houses.

    This is a very peculiar style of architecture for houses. It is said to have a Minka-style where roofs are very large just like two hands folding in prayer. The place can be accessed by using the Nohi Bus and Hokuriku Railway Bus from JR Takayama Station (60 minutes) or JR Kanazawa Station (70 minutes).

    The upper second-to-third storeys are used for sericulture as well as a storage place for silkworms and mulberries. Sericulture is also known as silk farming. This is a common activity in this area. The silkworm larvae are fed with mulberry leaves for them to grow.

    Wada House

    The oldest among the gasho-zukuri houses is Wada House. Though considered as a residential area, it is open for public sightseeing. Business hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The fee for Adults is 300 yen while the children’s fee is 150 yen.

    Hirase Onsen

    A place known to be effective for fertility is located in Hirase Onsen of Shirakawa-go. This place is also believed to make the skin soft and smooth. It contains sulfur and sodium chloride.

    Miboro Dam

    Miboro Dam is the first-ever dam built with a rockfill technology using stones and clay. It stands about 131 meters in height and 405 meters in width.

    Hida Tunnel

    This tunnel is located near the Shirakawa-go village. It is 10.7 km in length and is considered as part of the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway.

    Hakusan White Road

    A perfect place for hikers, Hakusan White Road offers a very beautiful hiking place during summer where the trees are lush and green. It is also said to be at its best during autumn season where the trees are sporting lovely autumn colors.

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