Japanese Kawaii Fashion: How to Become a Sweet Lolita

  • Lolita fashion may have caught the attention of every girl locally and internationally, but do you know where it actually originated from? During the 1980s, there was a so-called “doll fashion” in Japan spearheaded by 2 designers from the “Milk” brand. From the name itself, girls wore doll-like clothing and it was even published in magazines.

    It was not yet known as lolita fashion in those days. And then came 1998 when the fashion was seen once again in the magazine called Kerouac (also known as Kera). After that, it became popular in the year 2000 when the Lolita Movement began.

    How to Become a Sweet Lolita

    Don’t they look so adorable? If you’re interested in joining the fun, why don’t you try out the Sweet Lolita fashion style? Here are some of the things you will need in order to become part of this dreamlike fashion:

    Pastel Accessories

    You have to look for accessories which are lightly-colored. You can use a headdress, purse or socks which come in cute designs such as flowers, candies or something sweet. Socks should be of knee-length.

    Skirts with Frills

    Frills are a must in the Lolita world. This can add to the sweetness of your fashion. Some colors you should choose are pink, cream, lavender, sky blue, pale yellow and other pastels.

    Blouses that don’t show off cleavage

    Lolita fashion is supposed to be sweet, cute and innocent. Showing off too much is a diversion to the whole idea. Remember, it shouldn’t be that revealing.

    Not Showing off your Legs
    In the Lolita fashion world, showing off your legs is quite rude. Any exposure is improper. That is the reason why knee-length socks are used to cover the legs.


    You can never show off your lolita attire without matching footwear! The shoes should be closed and well-rounded. It should also be chunky just like a doll’s shoes. You can wear both platforms and heels. However, it would be better if both of them have thick heels to complete the entire doll look.

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