3 Creative and Practical Ideas for Advanced Origami

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  • With the invention of paper, the technique of using origami also followed. During the 6th century, Buddhist monks carried paper into Japan. It was used first for ceremonial practices due to its expensive price. From then on, it evolved and became a part of Japan’s normal life. There are a lot of modern designs available for one to challenge. Some are very easy while some are very difficult. Some may be used for decorations while others for practical purposes.

    Advanced Forms of Origami

    Origami Ring Box

    A perfect way to celebrate a special day is to make everything sincerely from the heart. Who wouldn’t love a DIY ring box on Valentine’s Day or even their birthday?

    You will be needing a square piece of paper of any color you like. You can use 29.7 cm x 29.7 cm paper. It will depend anyway on the size of your box. A bigger box will require a bigger piece of paper. However, it is advisable for a finished real-size box to be less than 20 cm. For the ring insert, you’ll be needing a card, pencil, ruler or any other cutting tools.

    Carrot Box
    For that fun and quirky surprise, why don’t you try the origami carrot box? This will be perfect for Easter and any other special occasions. You will be needing a piece of square paper again, a knife and a cutting board, a pencil and a ruler. In order to attach the leaf, you can use glue, sticky tape or the like.

    Candy Box

    Another unique idea is the origami candy box, a perfect gift box for Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Day, Birthdays and even Halloween.

    This time, you will be needing two pieces of paper. If the other paper is thick, it should be 0.5 cm smaller than the other one. You can use 15 cm x 15 cm. For those who are interested, you can check out this video:

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