2 Popular Youth Hostels in Kyoto: An Affordable Stay in Japan

  • If absolute privacy isn’t your topmost priority and you’d like to save some money during your travel in Japan, a youth hostel might be the answer to it. Youth hostels originated in Germany more than 10 decades ago.

    They are available in 87 countries all over the world. Various youths from different countries of multicultural backgrounds use this as a ground for communication and interaction. Though the name may sound youthful, its services are generally available for everyone. Even the elderly are more than welcome to stay at youth hostels.


    Depending on the hostel’s condition, some have membership requirements while others have none. A membership would entitle you to have some discounts and other benefits. Becoming a member in Japan is equivalent to becoming a member all over the world. The standard overnight fee used to be 3,000-4,000 yen per night. Nowadays, you can have a cozy room for the night with a discount as low as 600 yen. You can have the chance to mingle with your roommates as well!

    Popular Youth Hostels in Japan

    Utano Youth Hostel

    Utano Youth Hostel is said to be one of the best in Kyoto. The place offers comfort and convenience at the same time. You can choose to stay either in a private room or in a shared room. It offers a clean room with free wifi. Plus, the staff are very friendly. The only drawback is the accessibility. It may be necessary to rent a bike if you want to go out for sightseeing.

    Utano Youth Hostel

    Miyama Heimat Youth Hostel

    If you’re up for an old-Japan feel, then this place is for you. It is located in 57 Nakasai Obuchi Miyama Nantan of Kyoto. This is an excellent place for hiking or camping. Local cuisine is commonly served. If you’re a vegetarian, they also have a meal specially made for you. Each meal can cost you around 700 yen for breakfast and 1,200 yen for dinner. Remember, there’s no other restaurant or food shop near the place and supermarket is also distant. However you will be able to enjoy a meal and more at this picturesque hostel.

    Miyama Heimat Youth Hostel

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