University of Tokyo Library, one of the Biggest Libraries in Japan

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  • Do you like reading books? Visiting different libraries in Japan might interest you. Generally speaking, most Japanese love reading. This culture came from their interest in manga. Mangas are simply whimsical comics exposing different realistic situations in Japan even during the war time. This paved the way towards the Japanese reading habit. Japan is said to be the best place for reading for many reasons. One is, you can simply read anywhere whether in a train, car or airplane. Don’t worry, most Japanese books are created portable! Some are even split into 2 volumes to make the carrier comfortable.

    Branches of the Library


    One of the places worth your reading time is the well-known Tokyo University Library. It is said to be one of the biggest libraries in Japan. The library has 3 main branches: General Library, Komaba Library and Kashiwa Library.

    1. General Library


    The president of the General Library is Furuta Motoo. This branch acts as a supportive system. It gives services regarding researches made by students. It also provides administrative support to the other branches. It is open from Mondays to Sundays even during national holidays. If you’re a member of the school, you can just present your ID upon admission. For non-members, simply bring an ID (passport, school ID, etc.) and present it at the reception desk so they can give you a one-day pass.
    General Library Website

    2. Komaba Library


    Komaba Library was opened last 2002 to support the Komaba campus. This branch supports the undergraduate studies of the students. It is a spacious well-lit room which is very relaxing for those who want a bigger space in reading. This branch is also available from Mondays to Sundays. An approval from the director is necessary before entering the place.
    Komaba Library Website

    3. Kashiwa Library


    This branch opened last 2004 for the purpose of serving the needs of graduate students form Kashiwa Campus. It has a collection of about 390,000 books! It is opened all throughout the year except Sundays or National Holidays wherein there are no classes held. For admission, a library card is necessary or you can simply fill out an application form.
    Website Kashiwa Library

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