My Melody, Sanrio’s Iconic Rabbit Character

  • Who’s that rabbit who always wears a pink or a red hood that covers her ears? Indeed, she’s My Melody from Sanrio Company. She is one of my favorites! Almost as popular as Hello Kitty, many children and adults around the world love her for her cute and cuddly nature. Let’s get to know her better!

    Origin of My Melody


    Like Hello Kitty, My Melody has a birthday, she was born on January 18. She was first released in 1975 wherein the main target market were children. Over time, it also started attracting many adult customers, thus the start of her fame. However, she has never reached that global popularity of Hello Kitty.

    As she became famous, merchandise followed. However, her popularity waned nearing the end of 1980s. The only goods produced were stickers, stationaries and candies.
    I remember collecting these kinds of stationaries when I was young and they were really cute. Most of My Melody stuff is made in pastel colors.

    Reappearance of My Melody

    It was only on April 3, 2005 when My Melody was broadcasted as an animation on the television. It was produced by Studio Comet and was broadcasted in Tokyo and Osaka. This became the harbinger of My Melody’s future popularity. Following that, a video game “Onegai My Melody: Yume no Kuni no Daibouken” was released.
    This is a role-play game wherein you have to guide My Melody all the way through the challenging levels, by jumping and using an umbrella to float in the air and to avoid enemies.

    My Melody Barbie Doll


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    “My Melody(マイメロディ )by Sanrio”(2007.ピンクラベル マテル) . サンリオコラボバービーは〔マイメロ〕もありました😄やはり全身マイメロに甘いグリーンとピンクの配色が春らしい子です😆💕 . バービーさんも頑張っていますが😅この可愛いお洋服はリカちゃんやジェニーの方が着こなせる様な……また着せてみよう😋 . せっかくなので、サンリオコラボバービー娘トリオで🎵💕💕 . #mymelodybysanrio #mymelody #サンリオコラボ #サンリオ #マイメロディ #barbie #doll #バービー #人形 #ドール #着せ替え人形 #マテル #mattel #マイメロコラボ #マイメロバービー

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    Do you know that there was even a Barbie Doll released which was inspired by My Melody?
    As you can see, her hair is fashioned similarly to that of the character’s rabbit ears!

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