British Pub HUB: Try Fish ’n’ Chips the Japanese Way with Chopsticks!

  • Eating out in Japan’s big cities is an adventure you will never forget. Try out Japanese or foreign cuisine or mix both at an endless variety of restaurants, bars and many more. You will generally not be disappointed when it comes to food quality, customer service and overall atmosphere.


    Or, you can have something more familiar like a beer with fish and chips. And where is the best place for that? Of course at HUB, Japan’s most well-known British pub chain.


    Enjoy their Happy Hour during weekdays, from 17:00 to 19:00, indulge in a variety of good beer (20 different kinds) and simple, plain, but delicious snacks. If you feel like eating a bit more, you can even order a “meal” like pizza or pasta. They offer Kedgeree, Shepherd’s Pie, Honey Cheese Snacks, Jacket Potatoes, Roast Beef, you name it!


    Celebrating their 35th anniversary in Japan, HUB is popular among Japanese as well as foreign customers. The chain is so widespread that you will find it near most major stations central of Tokyo. Just in the Shibuya area, there are more than half a dozen! Their sister branch is called 82 ale house, and has a similar variety of beer and food.


    And as this is a British pub, they of course offer an English menu and it seems that they have usually at least one waiter per shift who speaks English.

    The menu consists of alcoholic and soft drinks, with even many non-alcoholic cocktails. During the summer season the blueberry yoghurt smoothie cocktail is recommended! Polar liquor based Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie is also recommendable.

    If you are planning an event, a party or just a gathering with a bigger group, you can host this easily at a HUB, just make sure to place a reservation in advance, since weekends in particular are usually at full capacity.


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