Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni: The Amazing Zoo and Museum

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  • In the southernmost part of Japan, lies a beautiful prefecture known as Okinawa. The island is largely composed of corals and rainwater running through the land which has provided it with lots of caves. The region has an abundant flora and fauna. The climate is perfect for the animals and plants to dwell in. As such, almost 19% of the region is devoted to nature parks.

    Located in the area is “Kodomo no Kuni”. It is a nature park which houses 130 different kinds of animals. A perfect place for children to explore. From Naha Airport, you can reach the place by car in 50 minutes or less. You can also go there by Okinawa Expressway which will take you about 20 minutes or the Okinawa Bus which will take you an hour longer.

    Kodomo no Kuni

    There are 3 facilities in “Kodomo no Kuni”, namely, Zoo, Wonder Museum, and Children’s Center. Upon entering, you will be asked to pay a 500-yen fee. For junior high school students, you only have to pay 200 yen. Elementary students will have to pay 100 yen. Those who are under 3 years of age can enter free of charge. There’s an admission fee discount of 100 yen per head if you come as a group of more than 20 people. During summer it operated from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. During winter the working hours are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


    2017.06.11・🐘🦍 お天気が良く、絶好の行楽日和❣️、、、家族全員オフだったので、延び延びになっていた「沖縄こどもの国」に行きました たくさんの動物達に会えて、みんな満足した1日 、、心地よい疲れが残りますが、心身ともにリフレッシュしてまた明日からの仕事も頑張りましょ(^^) It is fine weather today. We went to the zoo. We were healed by many animals. My grandson like elphants and giraffes. #sunny #workoff#zoo #okinawakodomonokuni #elphants#giraffe #lion #carp #chimpanzees #沖縄こどもの国#ゾウ#キリン#ホワイトライオン#チンパンジー#鯉#エサやり#喜んだ#ライオンは寝ている#トーケンズ#入園料#500円#安い #また#会いに#行こう

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    Nature land is a place to see land animals such as lions, deers, monkeys, goats, flamingos, giraffes, emus and many more.

    Wonder Museum


    This is probably the best place to kill some time with your youngsters. Most children are very curious and going to this place will help them better understand how things work. There are hands-on art and science exhibitions. You can see more details here.
    Though this place is located within the premises, you still have to pay a separate fee. The admission fee for adults is 200 yen, for the ages 4-12 – 100yen, and free for those below 3 years of age.

    Children’s Center

    This is a volunteer center that offers countless activities for the children. The entrance is free for all.

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