Sound Museum Vision: Best Place to Party Hard in Shibuya!

  • SPOT
  • Are you up for hard partying tonight? Why don’t you head down towards 109 from Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Exit?


    It’ll take you around 10 minutes. Walk straight and on the left, you’ll see a glass door with bouncers waiting. The name of the club may not be that visible at night time. Once you reach this place, you have to show your ID first and pay an entrance fee around 3,000 yen. Then off you can go!


    Sound Museum Vison offers different moods for different persons. It has four large rooms, with GAIA, the largest of them all. It is said to house 1,500 people. What a large capacity big enough to fit any kind of party!



    This is the main floor. It contains one of the best custom-made sounds around the world. The sound is very loud which can make your heart pound in excitement.

    Deep Space



    This is the perfect place for those with pure underground spirit. There are speakers all across the walls. There are two themed lounges available in this place: the White one and the D-Lounge. White is said to be sexy while D-lounge is warm. These are good places to relax with your friends.

    The Music

    Sound Museum has lots of music to offer, from techno, house, hip-hop to electro. The music here is mainly a collaboration between creative elements such as art, fashion, motion graphics and so on.

    How to Become a Member

    If you’re a member, you can get great discounts. Doing this is just a click away. Sign-up by opening this link: Website*Automatic translation
    All you have to do is to input your email address. If you want to change your email address, just type it in the box and click edit. Also, read all the other instructions that follow.

    Party Plan

    With the big space, you can have your own special party in this club that never sleeps. They allow rental for live events, fashion events, conventions and even wedding after parties!

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