Ramen flavored Ice Cream, Available Only at Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum

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  • The Yokohama Cup of Noodles museum is a well-known tourist attraction. It’s a great museum for all ages and traces the humble beginnings of the famous noodles.


    In order to spread its popularity worldwide as fast as possible, inventor Momofuku Ando built this museum. The museum is quite interactive and includes exhibitions that allow everyone to see his thinking processes along with the actual recreation of his workshops at his own home to a whole room with a wall blanketed with all forms of ramen made throughout time. He has even invented ramen noodles you can eat in space!


    The museum itself has multiple floors and activities at each area. There are the exhibits as noted above, a movie depicting the methods of inventing Cup of Noodles (with english audio headsets available) to an area where you can make your own noodle cup with a dizzying array of flavors/toppings. From curry, seafood and original base and toppings ranging from shrimp, pork, egg, garlic and more, the possibilities are endless. There is also a top floor that boasts a panoramic view of Yokohama Bay, a game center and even a World of Noodles eatery featuring noodles from every end of the globe!

    So it is no surprise that from this creative mindset that on the anniversary of it’s 4 millionth guest, the Cup of Noodles museum has released Ramen flavored ice cream! It comes in two flavors – soy sauce and curry. The list of toppings mirror their ramen counterparts and one can even add potato, carrot, green onion and beef cubes on top! For 300 yen, your own personal creation will be served in the iconic Cup of Noodles styrofoam container complete with it’s frozen toppings.

    If anyone has actually tried this please leave a review in the comment section below. Itadakimasu???


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