Tour Shibamata Monzenmachi, an area full of the charm of ancient Japan

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  • Shibamata Taishakuten in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, is famous as a location for the movie “Otoko wa Tsurai yo,” and the temple, along with the Monzenmachi area, receive many foreign tourists looking for its picturesque atmosphere.

    Retro street

    As one walks through Monzenmachi, lined with restaurants and diners, there is a delicious smell drifting about.
    Strolling idly on the entrance path of the temple while munching on some “dango” is also a romantic way to pass the time here.

    There are nostalgic looking mom-and-pop candy stores and shops selling miscellaneous goods that evoke the Showa period.
    This is a place where just walking about can be a lot of fun.

    Shibamata taishakuten

    The beautiful sculptures and garden of Shibamata Taishakuten
    At the end of the entrance path stands Shibamata Taishakuten
    This is a temple from the Nichiren school of Buddhism founded in 1629.

    You can just pay a regular visit to this temple, but since you have come all the way here, you can surely enjoy it more by paying the entrance fee to have access to their sculpture gallery and garden.
    The sculptures are breathtakingly detailed, and depict a tale from the Lotus Sutra.

    The garden is elegantly designed, and one can walk all around it through a roofed passage.
    Looking at the garden from the verandah feels so good that you may find yourself sitting there longer than you expected!

    Other sightseeing spots

    The house of Einosuke Yamamoto, founder of Yamamoto Factory Ltd. Co., a manufacturer of camera parts, built in 1920. The building mixes and matches Western and Japanese styles outstandingly, and the garden is wonderful too.
    Inside the house, events such as koto performances and rakugo-kai (Japanese comic storytelling) are held.

    At the Edogawa River, which flows right next to the Yamamoto House, you can enjoy “Yagiri no Watashi,” the only ferryboat left in Tokyo.
    How about immersing in meditation while enjoying this relaxed means of transportation?