Licca–chan, Japanese Reply to Barbie

  • There is that one particular doll that’s more popular than Barbie in Japan. You might have heard of her. Her name is Licca-chan. She originated from an anime TV series “Super Doll Licca-chan,” which was broadcasted by TV Tokyo from 1998-1999. The story is portraying an elementary school girl named Licca Kayama. She has a doll protector known as Doll Licca. Circumstances regarding her origin are the focus of the series.

    Get to know Licca-chan better


    Licca-chan is pronounced Rika-chan. She is a dress-up doll whose features are similar to that of a Japanese girl (such as height). She was introduced in Japan by Takara Company, which is a Japanese company founded in 1955. They follow the motto, “playing is culture.”

    The original Licca-chan is 11 years old, she goes to the junior high school, she really likes Doraemon. A few of her favorite books are, Anne of Green Gables and A Little Princess.

    The New Licca-chan

    Street Licca

    During the late 90s, an innovation occurred when Takara company teamed up with Rough Trade Records. They created another look for Licca-chan. This time, she was portrayed as a DJ who toted a pair of pink Converse shoes with leather pants, a hoody and a blonde bob haircut.

    Adult Licca-chan

    Later on, a new version emerge. An adult Licca-chan who was pregnant appeared. During this time, the daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, Aiko, was born. This then coincided with the making of the adult version. The royal incident was said to be the inspiration. In some cases, other doll sets include a baby in it.

    Licca-chan Video Games

    November 29, 2007, a Licca-chan video game was released in Japan. Soon after, it was also released in the Unites States. In this way, Licca-chan also gained popularity abroad.

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