Harajuku’s Most Famous Lolita Brand – Milk

  • As the name implies, “Milk” shop looks more like a dainty white chocolate milk bar you’d be tantalized to step into. Milk shop was established during the 1970s, when Harajuku was becoming one of Tokyo’s popular fashion districts. This place is considered to be one of the oldest original shops in Harajuku.

    Brand’s concept


    Unlike other shops, Milk offers a variety of casual clothing primarily centering on Lolita fashion.


    Milk clothing is fashionably elegant. If you’re into pastel colors, this shop might suit your taste. Most of the clothes are 1960s-inspired, cute and very practical. It also incorporates the vibe of fruits and flowers in its prints. Clothes are very feminine and some have lots of frills and ribbons.


    During the 1970s, Milk’s original concept was Gothic Lolita. This is said to have a big influence on the shop’s clothing trend. “GothLoli” style came from Victorian-era clothing. Some clothes also have polka dots patterns and other give you a retro feel.



    Milk Main Branch is located on Meiji Dori, Harajuku, in the direction of Shibuya, click here to see the map. Another Tokyo branch is located in Shinjuku. There are other cities where you can find Milk branches, too, here are some of them:

    • Sapporo
    • Osaka

    There is also an online store you can visit here.
    What are you waiting for? Visit Milk Shop now, for the sake of that fun, quirky, gothic lolita in you!

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