Unforgettable Tokyo Souvenirs You should Buy for Friends and Family

  • Visiting a place in Japan wouldn’t be complete without purchasing something memorable. This is what souvenirs are for. They are supposed to represent something unique to that place. Buying souvenirs for friends and family is also a common custom which most Japanese people follow. For those of you who are interested in visiting Tokyo, you might as well take a look into some of the most popular Tokyo souvenirs you may want to buy.

    Fake Food Key Rings


    In the heart of Asakusa’s Kappabashi district, you’ll find a shrine of all things in replica form. In this area, you’ll also find a shop known as Ganso Shokuhin Sample Store. This has been built to produce plastic replicas of food which have been showcased in the restaurant windows since 1932. The shop is selling fake food key rings, magnets and phone straps which are really cheap. These are perfect as a less-costly souvenir. Also, these replicas seem very realistic!

    Ganso Shokuhin Sample Store


    Boxwood Combs


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    In the traditional shopping district of Asakusa, a shop known as Yonoya Kushiho has been producing boxwood combs since 1717. In the past, high-quality boxwood combs were used by samurais, geisha, sumo wrestlers and even as a hair accessory to compliment the kimono of women. They are said to be very gentle on the hair. I personally think they look cute and are a great gift for anybody around the world! However, take note that the lifespan of the comb will depend upon your usage and care.

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    Akari Kokeshi Dolls


    Akari Kokeshi Dolls are traditional dolls known to have originated from the Northern part of Japan. One noticeable feature of the doll is the lack of arms and legs but their heads are very large and the body is cylindrical in nature. Each doll represents characters from the past. Some would represent warriors, heroes, fairy-tale character, babies, children and even demons. From simple toys, they now became a popular tourist souvenir must-haves. Try grabbing some kokeshi dolls in Tokyo Kitsch. This shop is only open during the weekends and holidays.



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