Three Restaurants With Maiko Performances to Fulfil your Kyoto Experience

  • When you come to Kyoto, don ‘t miss the opportunity to get lost in magic and wonderfulness of Japanese culture. I used to think that the best places for this would be the temples and shrines. It is true that the religious places are amazing! Especially when the visitor come from somewhere outside Asia. Temples and Shrines in Japan are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and are so different from everything we’re used to see. Despite all of this, it is in some restaurants when we you can truly get a maximum sense of Kyoto traditions. By choosing the right place, it is possible to get a variety of the great experiences and Japanese traditional tastes. Nowadays, a few restaurants in Kyoto combine the most delicious dishes of traditional cuisine, music, dances, and Zen gardens.
    I would like to list some of my favourite places.

    1. Momijiya


    They offer the Kyoto style dinners Kaiseki, with Maiko performances on verandas along the riverside. The show is available from June to September and reservation is necessary.


    2. Ganko, Nijo Dori

    This is a very popular restaurant due to its location and reasonable prices. There are some other Ganko branches spread throughout the city, but only the one located in Kiyamachi on Nijo street has Maiko performances. The garden is also very interesting and carries its history independently from the restaurant. It has the biggest lantern in Japan and water is supplied from Kamo river. It is necessary to check out their schedule, because the time is not fixed and reservation is required to see Maiko performance.

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    3. Gion Hatanaka


    This place is located in front of Yasaka Shrine, one of the most beautiful Shrines in the heart of Kyoto. Hatanaka is also a Ryokan (Japanese hotel) with Zen garden, traditional Kyoto dinner and Maiko performance. Although the fee is quite high, Maiko performances definitely stand out. The events are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6 pm to 8 pm. There’s a possibility that the show will be cancelled if there are less than 10 people present. They have an English speaker to translate and help you, in case you need it.


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