Treat your Hair to a Luxurious Hair Salon

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  • Having a bad hair day? When your hair is too frizzy or too dry, it greatly affects your self-esteem. Hair is a very important reflection of a person’s identity. It reflects both one’s inner and outer personality as well as thoughts and beliefs. It is even said that the Hair and Beauty industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry! It means that many people are willing to spend a lot of time and money on their hair by washing and styling them professionally at hair salons.

    Tokyo offers some of the leading salons in the world. Here are some of them.

    Assort International Hair Salon


    Assort International Hair Salon is one of the best salons in Tokyo. They provide an atmosphere that will help you relax and services that will pamper you. They have expert hair stylists from all-over-the-world! Therefore, you don’t need to worry that they can’t speak your language. The services provided are cutting, coloring and blow-drying. They also provide make-up services for those who’d like to attend festivals and other events. They cater to all kinds of clients (women, men and children). If you want to feel fantastic, then this is just the place to trust the skills of hair experts to tailor your hairstyles exactly the way you imagine. If you want to visit the place, please check out the link below.

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    Garden Tokyo


    Garden Tokyo is the flagship store, but the salon has many other salons throughout Tokyo. The company tries to transmit Japanese beauty with more global concepts. Their goal is to provide you with services based on current fashion trends. Among the services they offer are cutting, coloring, perming, treatment, and straightening. Prices range from 3,000 yen to 23,000 yen.

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    NOZ Salon


    NOZ salon focuses on creativity. Aside from that, they also have a concept on Royal Hospitality. The first-ever NOZ salon was opened in Roppongi, just in front of Tokyo Midtown. The salon tries to introduce the latest trend of hair beauty to the world. They provide services such as cutting, coloring, perming, hair treatment, hair spa as well as foot care and nail care.

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