Try the Best Beer in Japan, Kirin Beer

  • You might have come across the brand name Kirin during one of your visits in the supermarket. This is a popular beverage brand in Japan which is headquartered in Nakano-ku of Tokyo. The word “kirin” means giraffe in Japanese. However, Kirin Brewery has been named after the Chinese word “Quilin,” meaning a mythical hooved chimerical creature. This is now being sold internationally in China, Taiwan, Australia, Philippines, Europe, New Zealand, as well as USA. You can definitely find it abroad.

    Let’s take a look into the most popular Kirin beverages which is at the top of Japanese consumer spending.

    Kirin Ichiban Shibori

    This is a dark-colored beer which is very famous for its rich flavor due to its pure nature. It has a smooth texture and is somewhat bitter. At 350 ml, you can purchase the beer at 5 dollars. This is perfect for the winter season.

    Happoshu (Low Malt Beer)

    Happoshu is also known as “bubbling spirits.” This is not really considered a beer but a beer-like beverage. The most common happoshu is Kirin Tanrei. It is said to have a metallic taste in the mouth. The tax rate for alcohol in Japan is quite high. Since happoshu has a lesser alcohol content in it, it is a lot cheaper than a normal beer. This explains its popularity among Japanese consumers.

    New Genre

    This type of Kirin is made from soybeans. Some says it tastes like grape juice. This is only available during the summer time. It may seem very watery and very clear and has no after taste. It is said that the sourness of the beer increases with temperature. Better freeze it!

    Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Even if you don’t like beer, Kirin gives you an option to drink a non-alcoholic beverage. This is perfect for parties without getting the guests drunk or wasted. Nobody should be left empty-handed at a party, right?

    Kirin Ichiban

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