Ice Cornet: An innovative yummy HOT/COLD Ice Cream

  • A cold ice cream that will surely melt your heart can be found in Japan. It is called Ice Cornet! This is a Japanese dessert which is made of a crispy warm bread topped with a frozen ice cream. In some branches of the shop, it comes in various flavors: mango, vanilla, vanilla and chocolate, green apple, blueberry, raspberry, blueberry, and raspberry. You can choose whichever you like.

    The Beginning of Ice Cornets


    Long ago, there was a woman named Madam Yukari Muaki who couldn’t afford to buy snacks for her son. What she did was to come up with a recipe similar to that of an ice cream in a cone. This became so popular with the kids in the neighborhood. She then established her company in 2006 and it became a hit in the country.


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    It is very easy to find ice cornets. Nowadays, you can actually see a lot of it in every shopping mall and university. It has even launched its first Ice Cornet in Malaysia. Surprisingly, the company gave away 100 free ice cornets for the first 100 customers. The company is said to be expanding. Where will they branch out next? I wonder.

    How are Ice Cornets Made?


    Do you know that each ice cornet serving is so large for one person? Some say you can barely finish it. But how do they make it? The first thing is to make the cone bread resemble a croissant. Then, for that crunch, you need to deep fry it. It doesn’t only provide that crunchy texture but also produces a very delicious aroma. This must be the secret to people’s craving. After that, the cone bread will then be filled with the creamy soft ice cream yogurt with the flavor of your choice.

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