Swim with wild Dolphins in Japan, Once in a Lifetime Experience!

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  • Have you ever wanted to try swimming with dolphins? If you take a trip out to Miyakejima with Dolphin Club you can! Not just with captive dolphins in a swimming pool, but out in the sea with wild dolphins!


    Mr. Taguchi who runs Dolphin Club was there to meet us as we got off the ferry and took us to where we were staying, a little family run place which was really friendly! A couple of hours sleep and then up for a homemade Japanese style breakfast and off to a tour of the island.Miyakejima is an island south of Tokyo so you’ll need to take a ferry or plane to get there. When we went we took the ferry from Takeshiba port (Just near Hamamatsucho station). The ride takes about 6 and a half hours overnight from Tokyo and arrives at Miyakejima around 5am.

    Miyakejima is an active volcanic island with the last big eruption in 2000, which makes for some really unique spots! There’s an old school nearly buried in volcanic rock, an almost buried shrine and even a car stuck in a wall of rock!


    In the afternoon, we headed down to a nearby beach for a snorkelling lesson to practice diving and breathing through the snorkels. Then a quick dip in the nearby onsen before heading back for dinner! The dinner they prepared for us was beautiful, a lot of different Japanese dishes lovingly made.


    The next morning was what we’d been really waiting for – the dolphin swimming. We headed down to the port and took a boat out to neighbouring Mikurajima, about 40 minutes away and started looking out for dolphins! Whenever we spotted the dolphins in the water the boat pulled up and in we jumped! Seeing the dolphins out in the wild was incredible, they would swim past and around you. We even saw a young dolphin swimming alongside its mother and nursing and at one point, a sea turtle too before we headed back and took our return ferry to Tokyo.


    Dolphin Club MiyakejimaThe experience was absolutely amazing and the service from Mr. Taguchi and Dolphin club was fantastic! They even called us the day before we were due to go to let us know the weather conditions were going to be bad and we might not get to see the dolphins when we had originally booked so we were able to rearrange and take the trip a few days later when the conditions were better. It was a great experience from start to finish.

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