eKids – New Children Train Tracking System for the Worried Parents

  • The Reason Behind

    When it comes to their own children, parents are constantly worrying: is my child hungry, did he or she do the homework, are his or her friends trustworthy? Japan is taking it to a new extreme, with its famous kyoiku-mama (教育ママ, “education-oriented mothers”) who constantly monitor their children’s education and have their kids’ whole week fully scheduled with extra-curricular activities and after-school studying.

    But not only those parents worry when it comes to their child’s safety: especially on the way home from school. Some school days finish later depending on that day’s activities and classes and parents worry when their child will come home. Though Japan is a safe country, Japanese parents’ worst nightmares are the pedophiles and other criminals.

    Tokyu Line’s Solution!

    In order to give parents a peace of mind, Tokyo’s Tokyu Line introduced a very special service, where parents can track their children’s movement.
    With a monthly payment of ¥540, parents receive an email to their mobile phone once their child passes a ticket gate.

    The primary, junior high and even high school students need to use a PASMO prepaid card to make use of this protection service.
    Applying for this service is simple, parents just need to fill out a form on a website, one week later they receive the paper application via regular post mail, they send back the filled out form and register their email address.

    Since March 2015, this service has even expanded from Tokyu train lines to Tokyu buses, too!
    Tokyu Lines include the Toyoko Line, the Meguro Line, The Denentoshi Line, the Oimachi Line, the Ikegami Line, the Tokyu Tamagawa Line, the Setagaya Line, and the Kodomo no Kuni Line.
    What a great way to help parents stay “in touch” with their kids, without having to call them all the time!

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