Japanese Fruit Goodies to Cool you Down in Summer!

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  • When you’re out in the streets where the sun is high above the clouds and the scorching heat is unbearable, it is best to carry these Japanese fruit goodies with you anytime, anywhere.


    This is a fruit jelly which is available only during the summer season, that is, from June-August. This sweet is perfect for your refreshment in summer! Toraya Confectionery Co, Ltd. is selling some of these. It is made from sugar, syrup, starch, agar-agar and fruit puree. It includes flavors such as Kyoho grape, Nanko plum, green yuzu and kumquat. This is best eaten when chilled. It is also recommended to eat it within 75 days from the date of manufacture for maximum taste.

    Toraya Confectionary Ltd.*Automatic translation

    Okayama Muscat Jelly

    Okayama Prefecture is one of the best places for growing fruits such as peaches and grapes. Their optimum climate promotes the cultivation of growing delicious fruits. They have an excellent reputation for it. Just imagine taking a bite into this fresh fruity jelly. Such a cool and refreshing way to eat this summer! Other than this, there are several great assortment of fruits that you can try if you visit Okayama.



    Tosenka is deliciously sweet as it has a whole white peach embedded in it, which is covered by jelly. Taking a bite releases the sweetness and fragrance of the aroma within. You can also order this online at Minamoto Kitchoan. Other than this, they’re also offering a variety of desserts. They even ship to the US.

    Minamoto Kitchoan

    Deluxe Orange Jelly

    The oldest fruit shop in Japan is Sembikiya. It was established in 1834. One of their creations is a Deluxe Orange Jelly, which exudes in quality. They are using premium oranges to make their fruit goodies in very good condition. These can also serve as great gifts in some occasions. You can locate them in different areas all over Japan.


    Remember to hydrate yourself whenever possible this summer season by trying these amazing fruit goodies!

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