Amuse Inc.: Managing World Famous J–pop Stars

  • There are a lot of artist management companies in Japan. “Johnny’s and Associates”, “Ken-On” and “Oscar Promotion” are among the best-known artist agencies in Japan. But have you heard of “Amuse Incorporated”?

    Absolutely Amuse-Inc.

    Amuse Inc. is one of the top artist management companies in Japan. They manage some of the most famous actors, musicians, and models, to name a few: BABYMETAL, Cross Gene, OK ROCK, Perfume, Weaver, Miura Haruma (Attack on Titan), Naka Riisa (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), Sato Takeru (Rurouni Kenshin) and more. Aside from managing artists, the company also produces TV and radio programs, commercials, music, movies and even theatrical plays!

    Worldwide Expansion

    Amuse Inc. doesn’t only concentrate on Japan, they also try to venture other parts of the world. They have offices in the USA, Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. With the success of their artists in Japan, they also export some of their bands like BABYMETAL, Perfume and ONE OK ROCK internationally.


    BABYMETAL, the members who come from the idol group Sakura Gakuin, now are rocking the world with their “kawaii” metal music. They continually attend overseas music festivals, mostly in Europe.


    PERFUME had its first world tour in 2012. They’ve been meaning to explore outside Japan ever since the very beginning to reach their international fans.


    ONE OK ROCK had its first world tour entitled “Start Walking the World Tour” in 2012, as well. They visited Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea for their first overseas tour.

    Team Amuse: giving back to the community

    Amuse Inc. made a special unit called “Team Amuse” composed of 50 Amuse Inc. talents responsible for disaster relief. “Team Amuse” created a song “Let’s Try Again” dedicated to the survivors of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. The song was written by Southern All Stars’ vocalist, Kuwata Keisuke, and was mixed with songs by BEGIN, Perfume, Porno Graffiti and Southern All Stars.

    Amuse website

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