Japanese unstaffed stores: take what you want, and pay what you owe!

  • Have you seen some unstaffed stores in Japan? Have you ever wondered why Japanese people made such stores? Have you tried buying from those stores? How was your experience? Did you pay the correct amount?

    Mujin Hanbai or Self-Serve Store

    The Japanese people are so honest and trustworthy that they made unstaffed stores in their country. Unstaffed stores literally don’t have attendants at all. The products, the vegetables are just placed inside the store and people just put the payment at the box provided. Mutual trust is evident in the Japanese citizens as shown in these unstaffed stores. This is one of the reasons why Japan is a safe place to live in.

    What could you see in unstaffed stores?

    First and foremost, there are no staffs at these stores thus the term “Unstaffed” or “Unmanned”. Unmanned stores are huts then the vegetables are just placed inside containers or lockers with prices mark on them. There is also a box wherein customers can drop their payments. To avoid the vegetables going to waste, some farmers also place ventilators to keep the vegetables cool.

    No to Waste

    Now you wonder why Japanese farmers do this method. The vegetables being sold in these stores are imperfect for the markets’ quality. However, these products are still good. The Japanese don’t want anything to go to waste so they still choose to sell their leftover products.

    Are these unstaffed stores in Japan effective?

    Yes, they are indeed effective since the vegetables are already sold out when night comes. People would buy when they’re taking their morning walk until afternoon. If you want to buy the freshest vegetables, better come in the morning! Now that you know what’s the story behind unstaffed or unmanned stores, you know what to do. Remember that Japanese farmers don’t want any of their vegetables to go to waste and they trust each person who goes to their store so we hope you use and eat the vegetables with care and love!

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