Popular Japanese Fashion Magazines to Check Out

  • When you hear “Japanese fashion”, what comes to your mind? Are you fond of buying Japanese magazines? Then, you might have noticed something. I’ll give you two examples of popular Japanese fashion magazines: Seventeen and Non-no.


    Seventeen was first launched in 1967 in Japan. It was patterned from the American version of Seventeen. Seventeen has been having high levels of sales since the late 1990’s. Their target audience is the teenagers. Some of the widely known Seventeen models fettered in the past are Kitagawa Keiko, Eikura Nana, Miyazawa Rie, Tsuchiya Anna, Suzuki Emi, Yoshikawa Hinano.


    Non-no is another popular Japanese fashion magazine which is published by Shueisha. This magazine targets teens and young women in their early 20’s. Current models of Non-no include Honda Tsubasa, Takada Riho, Nishino Nanase, and Okamoto Anri. Models featured in the past include Kiritani Mirei, Sasaki Nozomi, Honoka Miki, and others.

    Similarities between Seventeen and Non-no

    There are several similarities between these two magazines. As you can see in both, they maximize the page space of the magazine. No space is left without text or images. Secondly, as Japan’s seasons are very distinct, Japanese fashion magazines deliver contents according to the season. They appropriate clothes that are perfect for the time of the year the issue is released in. Thirdly, Japanese fashion magazines offer beauty tips. And lastly, the models found in these Japanese fashion magazines “graduate” from the magazine to further nurture their careers and give a chance to the new ones.

    Maximizing space
    • Seventeen


    Author’s photo
    • Non-no


    Author’s photo
    Fashion per season
    • Spring fashion from Seventeen magazine


    Author’s photo
    • Non-no Winter fashion
    Beauty tips
    • Make-up tips from Seventeen


    Author’s photo
    • Make-up tips from Non-no


    Author’s photo
    • Takei Emi on a past Seventeen issue
    • Kiritani Mirei on a past Non-no issue
    Other Japanese fashion magazines

    Besides Seventeen and Non-no, there are also other Japanese fashion magazines like “Larme” which focuses on kawaii and dreamy style. Other magazines such as Nylon Japan (street style), 25 (high-end fashion), Vogue Girl (sophisticated style) and Vivi (latest Japanese trends) are also popular among Japanese women.

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