Godzilla Reviews: Godzilla vs Megalon

  • If Godzilla and Ultraman had a baby…

    It’s 1973 and films and TV shows like Ultraman are all the rage among young boys. So, producers decided to get in on the zeitgeist, as well as throw Godzilla into it as well. Thus, Godzilla vs Megalon was born!



    Powerful countries continue testing nuclear weapons deep under the sea. These deep sea tests affect the peoples of Seatopia, a civilization of people who live deep in the seas, are unknown to the surface dwellers, and worship a giant beetle. Understandably upset by the nuclear bombs going off in their back yard, the people of Seatopia democratically elect their best representatives to formally state their existence to the people of the surface and kindly ask them to cease underground tests… no! I’m kidding. Of course they just decide to send their giant beetle god to kill everyone on the surface.


    (what is happening in this picture??? Adults only…)

    Meanwhile, an inventor has created a robot named Jet Jaguar. The Seatopians decide that they can use Jet Jaguar to guide Megalon. They attack the scientest and his friend and kidnap his nephew. Soon Godzilla and Jet Jaguar (who can also grow to giant size, somehow) join forces to battle Megalon. Seeing that Megalon is outmatched they ask the Cockroach aliens from the previous movie to send Gigan. Now it’s four monsters battling for the survival of earth.



    This movie was initially developed as a lone Jet Jaguar movie. Jet Jaguar’s design was actually created by a child, in a Toho contest. But as pre-production got underway producers felt uncertain that Jet Jaguar could hold the movie on its own. So, they decided to shoehorn in Godzilla and Gigan in the last minute. Production was fast-tracked, and shooting was done in only 3 weeks! Because of the rushed production, the Godzilla suit was constructed in only 1 week and the eyes and other parts of the suit did not work properly. In the American release pictures and posters, Megalon and Godzilla battle atop the World Trade Center towers, even though this never happens and neither Godzilla nor Megalon ever go to New York or even America. This is actually one of the funniest Godzilla films in the later half of the original series. There is one scene, in particular, in which the Seatopian agents attack the inventor’s laboratory. The inventor’s friend unleashes some major martial arts beat-down on them. This is filmed and choreographed quite well. Furthermore, one of the strangest and best moments of the entire series is in this series. Here just check this out. Please watch this video before continuing to read.


    WHAT WAS THAT?! How is that even possible? Like what… how… what… why… the tail??? Huh? There are no words to describe that. This film was also lampooned in the famous Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you are going to watch this movie, I highly recommend watching this version.

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