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  • In Japan onsen, or hot springs are hugely popular as a way to relax and unwind but usually you have to go out of the city to find a good place to soak. In Osaka, however, there is a place where you can experience different styles of hot springs inspired by locations all around the world in one building, and even follow up relaxing and chilling out with an exciting water slide ride! That place is Spa World by Dobutsuen Mae station on the subway Midosuji line.

    Spa world is open 24 hours most days and has an attached hotel if you wanted to relax into the night. There are 2 main floors, each with a different theme for the Onsens.


    On one floor, the theme is “European Onsen”. On this floor each Onsen is based on somewhere in Europe, there is the Roman bath based on the Trevi fountain, one based on the “Grotto Azzurra” (or blue grotto) from Capri in Italy, a full log cabin style sauna from Finland with icy cold pools outside and more.


    The other main floor is the “Asian floor”. On the Asian floor there are different styles of traditional Japanese baths, such as big barrel baths outside and cedar wood bath with a view of Mount Fuji along with baths from places around Asia such as the Persian bath and an Islamic style bath based on the inside of a mosque.


    Each month you’ll only be able to experience one of the floors as they split between men and women and change over monthly. However, you can enjoy some of what Spa world has to offer together as the top floor is mixed so you’ll need your swimming costume to head up there! There are a few relaxing pools and jacuzzis up there but the main attractions are the lazy river and the water slides! The water slides do cost extra but it’s not much for a pass to use them as many times as you like. To pay, just as for anything once you’re inside just show your wristband and they’ll scan it and you pay on the way out. If you’re in Osaka it’s a great way to relax and unwind for a day!

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    Spa World Website

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