Declutter and Organize your House with the KonMari Craze!

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  • There seems to be a way or a method for making life easier these days. I’m sure you have seen it before in articles with headings like “Life Hacks”. Well, Marie Kondo has gone a bit further than most making a successful career out of a decluttering method coined “Konmari”. Konmari comes from her name, MARIe KONdo, which is now a new craze in many households.


    This new method has helped thousands if not millions of people declutter their homes using her method of living clutter free. Marie Kondo has become a well-known household name gaining celebrity status in Japan and abroad. Even though she is only 30, this ambitious young lady is the author of 4 books which has been translated into four languages and has sold well over two million copies.


    Her book titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” was recently the best-seller in Japan and now Europe as well as North America. Her book explains her theory on the process of decluttering. Kondo suggests that people should “discard everything that does not spark joy, after thanking the objects that you are getting rid of for their service and time with you”. She also advises that organizing equipment isn’t needed because your home already has enough storage, so be creative and utilize as best you could. She explains that you should fold your items first into long rectangles, then make it smaller, then roll it “like sushi”, and place them upright in your drawers. Be passionate about the method, and “Thank your items for working so hard for you”.


    In addition to her widely successful books, Kondo has been featured in the Huffington Post– a well-known American newspaper, and Martha Stewart -an incredibly popular talk show host and design guru-Martha Stewart Official Website. Kondo also has a number of videos on YouTube explaining her method, and a series of interviews which are subtitled in English. She certainly has her hands full, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Her organizational services currently has a 3-month waiting list, but luckily she has been busy training and teaching people on the “Konmari method”.

    There’s more, in April 2015, the Japanese Newspaper Asahi Shimbun stated Marie Kondo was among those listed as Time’s most influential people. This certainly has been a good year for her so far. Well done, Mari.

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