Go Crazy at the Surreal “Kawaii Monster Cafe” in Harajuku!

  • Those who know Harajuku know the crazy fashion brand 6% DOKIDOKI. The designer’s concept being “sensational and lovely”, the brand makes fashion clothing and accessories. The same Sebastian Masuda, who is responsible for part of Japan’s pop culture, has been now involved in a new project, the “Kawaii Monster Cafe”.

    Indulge in Kawaii


    Having opened on August 1st 2015, the cafe’s theme is “A Tokyo, that no one has seen yet”. Targeting foreign tourists, as well and in preparation for the Olympics in 2020 and the tourist boom wave that will come with it, the cafe aims to become a new famous spot in Harajuku. Being located directly opposite of La Foret, this dream will definitely come true.


    Having everything “monster themed”, one will first be greeted by a sweet-shaped carousel, when entering the store.
    Next you will enter four “zones”: meet colourful and probably poisonous mushrooms and flowers from space in the “MUSHROOM DISCO” section, giant rabbits, unicorns and sheep drinking milk from a baby bottle in the “MILK STAND” section, mysterious glowing jellyfish wrapped around a counter in the “BAR EXPERIMENT” section and finally the “MEL-TEA ROOM”, decorated with macarons and chocolate.

    Kawaii Menu


    The beautiful, fun and photogenic menu has everything a crazy customer could look for: “colorful poisonous parfait extreme”, “try painting a picture inside your mouth- pasta” or a dish like “colourful rainbow pasta with the painter’s dip”. One might even doubt, whether this food is even edible, so beautiful it sounds and looks.


    Particularly enjoyed by foreign customers, there are even colourful sushi rolls, or especially for the opening period dishes like maple syrup covered “waffle chicken Brooklyn with monster dip”.

    Monster Girls


    Inside the “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” additional to regular staff and waitresses, there are “MONSTER GIRLS”, who are based on real Harajuku street life and promote Japan’s “Kawaii culture”. Their outfits have been designed by fashion blogger Misha Janette, the girls names are ‘Sweet “BABY”, selfish “DOLLY”, happy “CANDY” sexy “NASTY” and moody “CRAZY”’.

    cafe info

    open:11:00~22:30 ( last order 22:00)、last entry 21:30
    (open every day of the year)
    seats: 193
    time limitation: 90min per one entry
    zone charge:500¥/person

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