Gero, Gifu: Majestic Land of Hot Springs and Frogs

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  • Gero is a city almost in the middle of Gifu prefecture. It seems to be a majestic place and is the one of three well known hot spring areas in Japan.


    Unlike a lot of the main cities, Gero has wide open spaces filled with striking views of tall green mountains and blue skies as far as the eye can see.

    The Frog


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    The character of Gero is none other than the frog. These cute little frogs can be seen all over the city, hiding in the footbaths, and in most advertisements, or carved into the walkway rocks. These frogs decorate many of the gardens in and around restaurant areas which are designed with relaxation in mind.

    The Hot Springs


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    Gero’s thrives off tourism which is a huge industry in this hot springs based city. People come from all over throughout the year to do a little sightseeing, but most of all they come for the hot spring experience. One place is particular is Nigorigo Onsen which is open all year round and is located at the highest altitude in all of Japan. It guarantees an unforgettable experience.
    But this is just one of many beautiful hot spring spots in Gero. There are many more all with their own unique atmosphere.

    Healing Properties

    The hot springs in Gero have a number of minerals and alkaline properties naturally in the water. It acts like a rejuvenating drink re-hydrating skin and replenishing it. Hot spring water tends to have a slightly slimy feel to the skin which is said to soothe muscle aches and pains, heal neuralgia, arthralgia and other skin ailments.



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    If the full body hot spring isn’t your thing then maybe you will enjoy a small footbath. Gero also has many footbaths scattered all over the city, so it’s very easy to cool your feet off anytime you like. Don’t forget to bring a small towel. These footbaths have the same water as the hot spring, making it very relieving for tired feet. Although the water temperature may vary from place to place it is very relaxing.

    Things to do


    If the hot spring isn’t your thing, don’t fret, there’s lots more to do. Within the city of Gero lies the ancient village of Gassho Mura which promises a good time all year round. The famous Onsenji temple is also in the vicinity and is the perfect place to see the Mashita Valley. There are many temples to see and a number of workshops and lessons in all kinds of crafts and art like ceramics. Sightseeing tours can be booked anytime for a small fee.

    A must try

    After all this running around don’t forget to sink your teeth into the infamous Hida beef. This area is famous for the soft melt-in-your-mouth beef that is a delicacy in these parts. When you’re in the mood for a Hida beef burger, a Hida beef bun, or Kushi Hida beef – or something else, the natural gourmet cuisine of Gero is guaranteed to satiate anyone.

    Gero Onsen