AKB48: the Biggest Idol Group in Japan!

  • In Japanese pop culture, an idol is a young star who is being promoted for cuteness. They are adored by many people and are intended to serve as role models. Their public image is very significant and should be as perfect as possible. But, have you ever wondered how many members an idol group must have? Well, there is actually no limitation. The biggest idol group in Japan consisting of 48 members is AKB48. It is named after Akihabara, an area in Tokyo popular among Otaku.


    Yasushi Akimoto is the group’s chief producer. He is not only a record producer but also a lyricist and television writer. He is popularly known for producing top idol groups in Japan.

    The primary goal of Akimoto was to create a unique kind of idol group. Ordinarily, idol groups in Japan perform concerts and appear mostly on the television. Akimoto wanted a different approach. He wanted a group to perform regularly in their own theater in Tokyo. You have to be in your teens or early 20s to be considered part of the group. And so the first audition started in 2005. There were 7,924 girls who auditioned but only 24 were chosen among them. They are considered the first generation. The group was split into several different teams. The second audition was held in 2006. Two auditions are held annually Once a member gets older, she is allowed to graduate from the group and is then replaced by promoted trainees. No wonder it is hard to remember all of them!

    Group’s Music Style

    Music style of the group is described either as “bubblegum pop” or “sugar-sweet pop”. AKB48 performances are choreographed routines and most of their audience are men. The members sing and dance in unison during the events.

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