What to Do During the Japanese winter?

  • The Japanese winter season starts from December and ends in February. There are times when the country is freezing cold that people forget about doing any special activities. It can be a dream for skiers but a nightmare for the tropical ones. For those who want to make the most of their winter stay in the country might take look at these events which can interest you.

    1. Snow Art

    Sapporo is popularly known as the fourth largest city in Japan. This is the capital of Hokkaido which hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics. Every year, the area celebrates a snow festival which attracts a lot of tourists. About 2 million people come to the place to see the event. There are live music performances and the area, such as Odori Park, is lined with lots of splendid snow and ice sculptures. The festival is said to have started from a humble beginning which gradually became one of the most well-known winter events in the country. The snow festival takes place for 7 days making the whole place look more like a winter wonderland!

    Sapporo Snow festival Website

    2. Winter BBQ


    Barbecue can surely warm up the body. In Kitami, Hokkaido, there is a mid-winter barbecue festival known as “Kitami Yakiniku Festival.” People gather around in the parking lot of Kitami Art & Cultural Hall during the coldest season of the year. Here, they roast their food the yakiniku-style. It is a fun event for families to chat and enjoy the cold weather.

    Kitami Winter BBQ Website

    3. Yonekawa Mizukaburi


    One amusing event to follow in Miyagi Prefecture is the Yonekawa Mizukaburi. This is one of the ancient traditions happening annually. Men from local areas will don straw hats and coats and parade through the streets. They’ll also carry small wooden buckets with water, which they’ll be throwing on houses. They believe this will protect them from fire.

    Yonekawa Mizukaburi

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