Get your own figure – Aoyama 3D Salon, Tokyo

  • Have you ever thought about having your very own mini you? Would you like to commemorate a special moment in a very special way? Well now is your chance! There is a revolutionary new way to create your own miniature self, and that’s through 3D printing!

    Aoyama 3D Salon


    The Aoyama 3D Salon is one of the first of it’s kind. It is thanks to them that this revolutionary process has become accessible to everyone. In order to create your own figurine, there are a couple steps to be taken. First a reservation must be made through either phone or e-mail. Shiny clothing, lace and fur are not able to reproduce on your 3D figure so be sure to dress accordingly! Once you arrive you will shoot in a pose of your choice through a 3D scanner. You will be unable to move from the position for about 10 minutes. the entire shooting process however, can take up to 60 minutes.


    There are three different sizes you can chose from and each for a different price. The smallest size is approximately 15cm tall and 150grams, medium is 20cm and 300grams, and large is 25cm and 800grams. Each figurine can be placed inside of a decorative frame case for protection. You can discuss the level of detail you wish to be on your figure when you are at the salon. The 3D figure is made of plaster and is painted with special wax for added protection. However it is not indestructible and dropping the figures may cause damage.


    At the Aoyama salon you can create 3D figure of yourself and use it as a new way to commemorate your memories. You will be able to be scanned with the latest 3D scanning technology. Come express your creativity and show your friends your very own figure!

    Please note- as of 2018 this salon is currently closed.

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