3 Thrilling Japanese Dramas that Will Keep you on the Edge of your Seat!

  • Are you into watching Asian drama series? Have you tried watching Japanese dramas? Try these three exciting Japanese dramas!

    1. Hanzawa Naoki

    Hanzawa Naoki, a top Japanese drama in 2014 gained a superb 42.2% rating in its last episode! Well-known Japanese actor, Masato Sakai, plays as Naoki Hanzawa who is planning a revenge against the influential bank chain, Tokyo Chuo Bank. In the 1st episode, Hanzawa was made a scapegoat for the 500 million yen losses their bank underwent. On the contrary, the revenge has a deeper meaning for Hanzawa Naoki. Popular actress, Aya Ueto , plays as Naoki Hanzawa’s wife, Hana. Veteran Japanese actors Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Kinya Kitaoji and Kagawa Teruyuki are also part of the cast.

    Every episode of Hanzawa Naoki is very exciting since each episode sets a climactic tone. Carefully listen and try to understand the dialogue since this drama can get a little technical with terms!

    2. Kazoku Game

    Kazoku Game, as the title suggests, exhibits games within the family but are mysterious and serious schemes that are breaking the family. This Japanese drama stars popular Johnny’s idol, Sho Sakurai alongside talented actor, Ryunosuke Kamiki. This adaptation is based on the best-selling novel of Yohei Honma which was first adapted as a film. Sho Sakurai plays as the revengeful tutor, Koya Yoshimoto. He becomes a tutor for the son involved in the drama, Shigeyuki Numata. Koya Yoshimoto with his conventional ways of teaching, he teaches his student how to be strong and how to face the real world.

    Kazoku Game’s plot is very interesting since it depicts unconventional ways of teaching. Sho Sakurai’s character, Koya Yoshimoto, can be very unpredictable. You’ll also see the excellent acting of Ryunosuke Kamiki in this drama.

    3. Bloody Monday

    Hacking Vs. Terrorism? Committing a crime to save the world?Haruma Miura plays as Fujimaru Takagi, a genius hacker, who’s battling terrorism. The first episode shows a bloody terrorist attack in Russia. The terrorist plot was later brought to Japan. Japan’s Public Safety Special Third unit, THIRD-I, does their best to protect Japan and its citizens with the help of the intelligence of a hacker, Fujimaru Takagi.

    If you’re interested in global issues then this Japanese drama is for you. Each episode of this drama series focuses on battling terrorism.

    Try out the thrilling world of Japanese dramas

    Japanese dramas are indeed unique since they take different social issues into account. We also have similar issues in our society just like the Japanese dramas, so it is very interesting.