Welcome to Perfume’s Electronically Futuristic World

  • Are you into electronic dance music? Are you also into futuristic sounds and visuals? Are you a follower of Japanese pop music?

    If you haven’t heard about Perfume, then try their electronic and futuristic world!

    Electronic and Futuristic World of Perfume

    Perfume is a J-Pop techno-pop unit from Hiroshima, Japan. The group is composed of talented J-Pop artists named A-chan (Ayaka Nishiwaki), Kashiyuka (Yuka Kashino) and Nocchi (Ayano Nomoto). Perfume is signed under one of Japan’s top artists management in Japan called Amuse Inc. Their current releases are under Universal Music to reach their international market.

    This futuristic group was formed in Actors School Hiroshima; a talent school. They released their first indie single in 2002 entitled “Omajinai Perori”. They later moved to Tokyo to work with Yasutaka Nakata, the producer behind Capsule. The unit later released their first ever nationwide single, “Sweet Donuts”. Perfume gained popularity with their major debut single, “Polyrhythm” in 2008. Since then, they are being admired by not only Japanese fans, but by fans from all over the world.

    15th year anniversary

    Techno pop unit, Perfume, is actually celebrating their 15th year anniversary this year! To celebrate their anniversary, they are preparing a documentary featuring their tour in North America, Europe and Asia. It will also feature their stint in an entertainment and interactive festival called SXSW Festival held in Texas, USA. The documentary, WE ARE Perfume – WORLD TOUR 3RD DOCUMENT, to open on October 31, Saturday in Japanese theaters. Their management and label are also planning an international release.

    New single, “STAR TRAIN”, in Fall

    Perfume already released numerous singles since 2002. It was further revealed that the group’s planning to release a brand new single this fall season. Their upcoming single, STAR TRAIN, will be the theme of their documentary. More details about the single to be announced soon on their website and social media accounts so stay tuned!

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